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I am Barbara Felts and I have been sculpting since 1996.   I began my doll making journey with porcelain reproductions but have since moved on to one of a kind polymer clay figures (OOAKs). I have been concentrating on OOAK babies and children but have recently branched out into the adult Art Dolls  after taking a class with Mark Dennis.  You should all go follow his wonderful blog http://www.madsculptor.blogspot.com/

Since 1996, I have been selling on eBay and ETSY under the username FeltsDolls.  I have made available a couple of “how to” books for sculpting babies That are available in print and PDF form.  I will be happy to answer any questions that you have about sculpting as best as I can.

With this blog I hope to place the emphasis on the Art in Art Doll.  What I and other artists like me create are collectable works of art and not play dolls like you can find in walmart.

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